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Take a deep breath


You need nerves of steel to come out as a writer. I do, anyway. But after 18 months of “transitioning,” it’s time. Hello, my name is Suzanne and I’m a writer.

It’s a challenging, fascinating time to be a writer. The writing process is really just the same as it ever was — butt in seat, words on the page. Publishing, on the other hand, is completely different than it was ten or even five years ago and its opportunities and pitfalls seem to change from week to week. Figuring out how to get your book or story or poem published seems incredibly daunting — a veritable smorgasbord.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. At the moment, my focus is writing. I am in the throes of completing a historical novel. It’s about a British naval officer at the time of the Napoleonic Wars who has a successful career, his problematic marriage, and his entanglement with another woman. So, not a romance. But romantic enough. Jane Austen meets Patrick O’Brian, to be aspirational about it. Only with a little more going on in the bedroom.

Oh, and somehwhere around here, I have the draft for a mystery, too.

So that’s me, firing up this blog. I want to write about books and writing and writers (I’ve met so many warm and bright ones in the last year), life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, travels near and far, and whatever else I’m burning to talk about.

Welcome aboard! Please tell me about yourself in the comments and let me know what you like to read. Also, please tell me if you have a blog or are on The Twitter or Facebook so I can connect with you. I would love to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “Take a deep breath

  1. What a great looking blog page.


  2. Well, you have at least one thing right, it takes nerves of steel. And probably a very strong stomach lining b/c increased acid is on the way. On the other hand, it also takes a valiant heart to utter a first person sentence that says “I am a writer.” So brava and a tip of each Andalusian hat to you Suzanne!!! (PS I am a fan of the Oxford comma, and helpful commas in general. I can’t stand semi-colons though. Not that it matters that much in the strained world of today!)


  3. Your photo makes me want to walk right up that trail. And your blog makes me want to read your novel.


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