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What it means to be a reader (from Waterstones blog)

Writers and readers are in this glorious symbiotic relationship, two sides of the same coin. Most writers, I hope, are readers, and reading has untold power. I hope you will go and read this terrific blog post by Sarah Winman at Waterstones for World Book Night, about what it means to be a reader.

“To be a reader is to feel a little less lonely. To be a reader is to be challenged. To feel anger, to feel outrage and injustice. But always to feel, always to think. To be a reader is not a passive state, it is active, always responding.”

Readers are such a fundamental inspiration to a writer and Sarah Winman has put her finger on why. I love this so much, I’m posting about it everywhere I can think of.

What it means to be a reader | Blog.