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Northern light, blue skies


Here are a few photos from around Drøbak and Oslo. Chalkboard signs are ubiquitous in cities and Melkesjokolade is ubiquitious in Norway. I come from berry country; fresh Norwegian strawberries will meet or beat ours. And the waffles I get when I’m in Drøbak can’t be bettered anywhere.

On July 22, I flew to London from Oslo, leaving behind not only family and friends in Drøbak but the pure Norwegian light and lucid blue skies. I miss the people, light, and color still.  A few odds and ends posted for you. Soon, I’ll write about London and Oxford. With photos, of course!


3 thoughts on “Northern light, blue skies

  1. The “water for dogs” sign made me laugh. Thanks for sharing it. Where did you find it?

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    • It was outside a cafe in Oslo, somewhere on Thorvald Meyers Gate, which is in Grünerløkka. Can’t say which one since we were just walking by. It made me laugh, too, so I took the shot.


  2. The colors of your sky pics are extraordinary.

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