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In transit


I’m in Norway at the moment. Tomorrow, I fly to London. Blogging while traveling is a great concept if you are set up for it. Really, I’m not. I have an iPad Mini, disobedient fingers, and dodgy eyesight. However, I also have a notebook — first and last, I’m an analog writer. So, once I’m home, there will be blogging. In the meantime, there are visuals.

I got sort of dehydrated. I ended up not only drinking, but taking quite a few photos of, blue Gatorade.

The Sunday Market at Blå, in the Grünerløkka neighborhood of Oslo.

Reflection at Ekeberg Park.

That’s all for now.


3 thoughts on “In transit

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  2. The Blue Gatorade shot is lovely. Next time I get way too hot I’m going to look at that picture. As a reminder that cool is a visual experience, too.

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    • Thanks, Claire! It is a lovely color. And if you ever get dehydrated (or need to drink gatorade to help prepare for a medical procedure that I shall avoid naming) I recommend going with blue. The whole notion of gatorade isn’t really “food” as such, so why choose a food-like flavor? Blue isn’t imitation anything. It’s real blue.


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